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Project Description
You can call, manage, view and export reports via URL parameters in SSRS. However this is very painful to handle the right syntax. This program simplifies this.

URL Parameters
URL paramters in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services helps you to access report information and work with reports such as view, export directly by specifying parameters.
For more information on URL parameters see the following Link on MSDN:

What about this project?
This project aims to help creating URL parameters which indeed really hard task to accomplish or complicated syntax takes too much time to understand and implement. You just run the application, specify the report to be parameterized and specify parameters, output format and view style (such as no toolbar etc) It will generate the URL for you.

What is Currently Included
- You can connect to Native SSRS
- You can Export in any Rendering Format
- You can choose whether you want toolbar/Parameters area or not
- It supports multivalue sending
- It generates sample url with sample values

Future Plan
- A class that you only give server address and report name and you got the URL (to use in any project)
- Preview Report component
- Execute Report on the fly and get exports instantly
- Add Snapshot / History information
- Specify Parameter Values and Generate URL with those
- Support for Available Query Values
- Support for Valid Value Check
- Support for Sharepoint Integrated URL Generation

Developers Required
Feel free to contact me to extend this project. Help this community to grow.

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